Sunday, 28 August 2016

Clarity Groovi "Velvet"

Good Evening All
I hope you have all had a great weekend, once again
we have been packing boxes, just for a change lol.
Our house is coming along slowly but nicely, Kitchen is been delivered
on Tuesday fingers crossed.

I needed to make a card for a neighbour, who is going back to work as a
Trainee GP at our surgery, after having a year off on  maternety leave.

So, once again I have used my current favourite Groovi plate 
Velvet Art Nouveau border plate I also used the swirls on the same plate
I also used the Art Deco Alphabet and Pricking Border plate.
all available from 

The Eagle eyes of you will notice this is not stuck together, mainly because,
I have no idea which box all my glues, & tapes are so will buy some instead
of opening lots of boxes.
I hope you like this as much as I have enjoyed making it. 
Thank you for visiting 
Janet xxx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Groovi Christmas Parchment

Good Morning Folks

I am up early this morning. we are waiting for the Removers to deliver the boxes,
ready for packing up to move back home, this has been delayed a little but it is
coming on and definately looks better than it did a month ago, at least we have plastered 
walls now.

As, most of you know I am not doing any crafting, but decided to learn how
to do Parchment craft and of course, as you all said I would get obsessed  with it
and I have lol. It is wonderful to do, and the Claritystamps Groovi plates 
are amazing.  I am mainly doing Christmas parchment, and in my mind I will
have time to make them into Christmas cards when I get back, for some reason,
everyone laughs at that and says yes maybe for Christmas 2017, and that I will have no 
time for crafting for a few months, they could be right, but, we will see. 

Anyway, I was really pleased with this one so thought I would show you, I actually put it
on a couple of the parchment groups I belong to the other day  and forgot to put it on my blog lol.

I used this plate for the main image and and other bits from other plates.
All the 4  Art Nuveau Ladies are lovely, 
Thank you for visiting, it is much appreciated.
Janet xxx


Monday, 15 August 2016

Grooving along with Clarity for the 2nd week.

Good Evening Folks
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying all 
this lovely warm weather, we had better make the best of it might
not last that long.

I have been playing with my new passion
Clarity Groovi Plates, I am still doing lots of practise bits and at the
moment I am concentrating on Pricking and Snipping, sounds exciting doesn't it lol.
However, I do like to take bits from different plates and make up a design.

Anyway  these are what I  created this week and as you
can see I do need the practise.
Thank you for visiting 
Janet xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2016

My first journey with Parchment and Groovi Plates.

Good Morning Folks

A few of you may know I am having a bit of a break from
card crafting until we move back to our house after being flooded
in December.

But I was getting so bored, a friend suggested having a look at
Clarity Groovi plates and parchment work.

And, I have to say I have got well and truly hooked,  talk about an obsession lol,
I absolutely love doing this form of craft.
So if you fancy a try, just go on and have a go.

Anyway thought I would put my journey on here, I only received my first
few plates last Friday and the pricking tools and scissors yesterday, so,
 I am  very new to this art form.
so here we go my first few practise pieces
Janet xxx

This is the very first one, started with the basic plate and added
bits from two other plates
I then used some polychrome pencils for colour 
  With this one I used a number of different plates
and just made it up as I went along, however, I was too heavy handed with  the white
work on the holly leaves and lost most of the definition.
 This one needs the edges pricking and cutting and
I coloured it with a Wink of Luna pens which worked quite well.
I love this one lol, and it was my first time using the pricking tools
I used the 2 needle one, and Pergamano Scissors to cut which for my
first time of doing this I feel really proud of my self